GEERTZ, Schleswig Holstein, Denmark (now Germany)
& Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Descendants of: Hinrich Christian Gerdts  - My ancestral line highlighted

1 Hinrich Christian Gerdts b. Mildstedt, Schleswig Holstein, Denmark
  m. Anna Margaretha Rowedder 
   2 Hans Paul Gertz b. __ __ 1811? Mildsted, Schleswig Holstein 
     d. 9 Nov 1863 Mildstedt, Schleswig Holstein.
     m. Anna Margaretha Simonsen m. 6 July 1838 in Mildstedt, Schleswig Holstein.
     b. 24 Nov 1813 d. 29 April 1884 
      3 Hinrich Christian Gertz b. 19 Sept 1841 Mildstedt-Rantrum
      3 Margaretha Catharina Gertz 
   2 Johann Tim Geertz b. 17 Mar 1795 Mildstedt, Schleswig Holstein 
     d. 19 Jan 1867 Nord-Husum 
     m. Maria Catharina Iversen d. 9 Mar 1875 Nord Husum
      3 Heinrich Hermann Gertz 
      3 Hans Christian Geertz b. 1 Feb 1832 Nord-Husum, Schleswig Holstein, Denmark
        d. 22 Sep 1911 Queen St. Newtown, Ipswich, Qld. Buried Ipswich Cemetery.
        m. Brodina Friederica Christiansen m. 5 Nov 1858 Nord Husum.
        b. 18 Aug 1838 Langeness, Frisian Islands off coast of Schleswig Holstein.
        d. 21 Jan 1925 buried Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.
        Arrived Brisbane on “Celinda”  3 Oct 1888.Naturalised 
        21 Oct 1908 Ipswich       
        Hans & Brodina, with their daughters Hannah & Lena emigrated to Clinton, Iowa
        from Germany having invested savings (on advice of Hans' brother-in-law) in 
        a sailing ship. It was wrecked, they had no insurance and lost their savings.   
        They lived 3 years in South Australia, 23 years in Queensland. Arrived Aust.? 
        Naturalized USA 23/9/1887.     
        Olga Lawrie remembered him playing piano accordion when she was a child.       
         4 Theodore Johannes Geertz b. 29 Oct 1859 Husum, Schleswig Holstein.
           d. 7 June 1938 Brisbane, Queensland.
           m. Emma Gallagher m. 19 Sep 1882 b. 6 Apl 1860 Smith Street, Ardwick, 
           Manchester, England.d. 25 Jul 1941 
           Theo was sent to Aust. aged 18 to avoid being called up in Prussian army. 
           migrated to Aust. from Germany. “Herschel” left Hamburg 21 May 1878,
           arrived Maryborough 10 Sept. 1878. Travelled as Assisted passenger (one of 5)
           First couple married in United Methodist Free Church, 428 Ann St. Fortitude 
           Valley, Brisbane,Q. (now a Church of Christ).    
           Emma worked as a child aged 9 yrs. in cotton mills in England.
           Died in Cairns.bur.Mt Thompson Crematorium Holland Pk Bris.     
           Single Niche T349 Sect.9 Wall 1      
           Olga Lawrie remembers Theodore “robbing” his beehives wearing a 
           mosquito net, he was always pleasant, never a cross word. Played good game of
           lawn bowls, member of 1st bowling club in Ipswich.                      
            5 Albert Edward Geertz b. 27 Dec 1882 d. 10 May 1888 
              Born Brisbane, said to have been named after Emma's father - odd, as his 
              name was James.  Emma kept a curl of her baby's hair in a mother of pearl
              box given to her by Theo.  Albert contracted the dreaded diphtheria and
              died in 1888 aged 6. 
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5 Violet Maud Geertz b. 26 Jul 1885 Thomas St Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Qld.d. 27 Sep 1967 “Neringah” Private Hospital, Wahroonga, NSW. Cremated Northern Suburbs Crematorium. m. Frederick William Henry Young m. 4 Feb 1911 at family home “Valetta” b. 2 Jul 1876 Hylton Rd., St Clements, Worcestshire, England, d. 1 Aug 1929 Sydney, NSW, Australia Cremated Rookwood, Sydney. Pioneer of area. Chase St renamed “Young” St. in 1963 Rev.ST Alden of Sandgate Qld officiated at wedding, also at parents marriage in 1882. Violet's brother Herb was best man. Andrew Shewan, Arthur Geertz groomsmen. Bridesmaids - Ethel Young, (no relation)Lily Geertz, Amy Harris. Had expected to be first wedding in new church,very good churchgoer,drove Minister to church 3 times a day in horse & trap, but a girl who was pregnant became first wedding, so Grandma (Violet) decided to marry from home. Reverend Alan Scott (Bible Society) conducted her funeral service. Frederick: Fred's father William d.13/7/1892 his mother Anne d.28/10/1886, he was made a ward of Uncle Jim (his father's brother)& his wife Aunt Sally - also of Uncle Henry (Harry) (also father's brother) & Aunt Dinah. FWH Young met VM Geertz when she was on holiday at her aunt Malena Wenzel in Adelaide (at an outing to the German Club)1909/10. Fred worked as a monumental mason in Barossa Valley,Tanunda,Gawler. None of his work found in cemeteries there to date. He is said to have attended Ruskin College Oxford, but would presumably have been a course of some type, not for a degree, as his name was not found amongst student records. Also - it seems likely he would not have been old enough to attend University. He is thought to have come to Australia (no record found) on the “TOFUA” the same ship as Dave Stewart, founder of the WEA (Worker's Education Association) (now known as TAFE - Technical & Further Education)in Australia. FWH said to also have been part of starting WEA, no record of this, also taught school Sydney during WW1 - possibly at Private schools. 5 Theodor Clifford Geertz b. 21 Aug 1888 d. 25 Mar 1897 Born 3 months after the death of his brother Albert, Theo too had a very short life. He had climbed on to a horse at Hanlons (?) horseyards in Ipswich, was thrown off and killed. Part of a sandwich was still clutched in his little hand. He was 8 years old. 5 Herbert Charles Geertz b. 26 Aug 1891 d. __ Mar 1980 m. Edith May Pond m. 27 Jan 1912 b. __ __ 1893 d. 24 Dec 1971 Herb was born in Ipswich, at last Theo and Emma had a son who lived to adulthood! But although a handsome and likeable fellow, Herb was known in the family as a rogue. He learned the tailoring trade, was always dressed in the latest style and liked the ladies. At one time Herb stayed with his brother Arthur and wife Emily for some months and one day he was gone, taking with him family valuables, and leaving behind many debts to be paid off by his parents. Herb became a drifter, a “jack-of-all-trades”. One of his ventures was as the operator of the Water Boats Ride which did the circuit of all the country Agricultural Shows. He visited Manilla, NSW Show somewhere between 1954 and 1960. Having been somewhat disowned by his family, Herb's actual date and place of death has not been ascertained. Edith: Died at Cranbrook Convalescent Home, Hawthorn, Brisbane, Qld. She was cremated at Mt Thompson Crematorium, Mt Gravatt, Queensland. 5 Arthur Andrew Geertz b. 8 Mar 1894 d. 17 Jul 1972 m. Agnes Emily Harris b. __ Jul 1896 d. 19 Jun 1979 Arthur was born in Ipswich, a younger brother for Herb. He ran the family tailoring business after retirement of father Theo. The Geertz shops in Ipswich were - the top end of Brisbane Street which later burned down, then a site near the Gas Company. Their final shop was in Brisane St next door to Whitehead's Photography studio. This business was closed down, as during the war men working for Arthur were called up. At this stage a Men's Wear shop called Duncalfe's had lost their tailor, so Arthur and his remaining staff took over the tailoring side of the business around 1943. Arthur suffered a stroke in April 1951 and died in 1972. He was cremated at Mt Thompson Crematorium (Double Niche T34, Section 24, Wall 10), Mt Gravatt, Qld. Death details of Arthur and his wife show them to have been Jehovah's Witnesses. Agnes: Agnes was born to Emily Sarah (nee Andrews) & George Harris. After the death of George her mother married George Bowler (whose first wife was May ?). After Arthur died Emily lived with her daughter and husband until her death in 1979. She was cremated and shares Double Niche T34 Section 24 Wall 10 at Mt Thompson Crematorium with her husband.
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5 Lily Frederica Hermina Geertz b. 18 Aug 1896 d. 9 Jul 1984 m. David Lewin Hopper m. 6 July 1918 b. 11 Feb 1893 d. 31 Mar 1969 Lily was born at her parents home in Queen Street, Ipswich. She lived her final years on the Gold Coast and died aged 87. She is buried at Paradise Point. David: David was born at Coachin in the births district of Fassifern in the Colony of Queensland. In his early years he trained in the trades of Plumbing and Timber House Construction. At the age of twenty-two he enlisted in the Fifth Light Horse Regiment of the First AIF. He served firstly in Palestine against the Turks, followed by action in France against the Germans. He was three times wounded and was to suffer greatly from these in later life. Upon his return to Australia he joined the Queensland railways, becoming an engine driver of Steam Locomotives. He later converted to diesel and operated the first Rail-Motor in Far North Queensland. Similarly to his brother Benjamin, the strain imposed on the men of the North in maintaining rail services, demanded by the heavy traffic volume of the Armed Services during the 1939-1945 War, destroyed his physical health, which together with his wounds, caused his death in the Repatriation General Hospital, Greenslopes in 1969. 5 Rose Geertz b. _____ d. as baby (no record of this birth or death has been found). 4 Helena Catharina Gertz b. 19 Apl 1861 4 Helena Maria Catharina Geertz b. 5 Jul 1864 4 Bernhard Herrmann Geertz b. 27 May 1868 4 Johannah Helena Hermina (Hannah) Geertz b. 18 Aug 1870 d. 29 Nov 1969 m. James Joseph Woolley m. 23 May 1898 b. 8 Dec 1872 d. 15 Nov 1960 Born Nord Husum, Denmark. Was 13 on arrival in USA, found position as servant & stayed on when parents & sister left for Australia (didn't want to leave her Cousin Minnie in Iowa, they were close). After 5 years Minnie married Mr Grumstrup, Hannah came to her parents in Australia. Moved to Ipswich, and worked as servant for a Doctor in Brisbane. Met Joe Woolley, they eventually wed. They had little shop attached to a cottage in Ipswich across from brother Theo's. Sold groceries & lollies. They also had a holiday house at Palm Beach from 1928, where they eventually added more land, and built a proper house, (still standing in 2000). James: Born Ipswich Qld. Worked at Cribb & Foote Emporium, Ipswich. Brother of Sarah Hopper (nee Woolley). 5 Doris Hermine Woolley b. 11 Feb 1899 d. 19 Jun 1990 m. Leonard Cecil Locker m. 2 Apl 1923 b. 10 Dec 1889 d. 12 Apl 1990 Born Harlin Road, Ipswich. Buried Drayton Lawn Cemetery. Leonard: Born Fenton, Staffordshire. Worked Post Office most of his life. Buried Drayton Lawn Cemetery with wife Doris. 5 Olga Adelaide Woolley b. 30 Aug 1900 d. 26 Jan 2001 m. Alexander Lawrie m. 3 Feb 1949 b. 8 May 1882 d. __ ___ 1970 Married Alex Lawrie who was her violin teacher after his wife died. Olga at that time was 47. Olga was still playing violin & piano (for the frail aged!) in Nov.1991. She wrote verse, very bright to talk to. Had no children. Had a slight turn late 1994. Olga's book “Other Days Other Ways” printed 1995 through Ipswich Genealogy Society. Moved to “Villa Marie”. Turned 100 August 2000. Alexander: Born Buckhaven, Fifeshire, Scotland (East Coast). Violinist, music teacher. 5 Fay Lial Woolley b. 03 Aug 1908 m. Anthony Harry Todd Born Queen St Ipswich, relocated from Southport to Burleigh Heads in 1995.
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4 Malena Juliana Henriette Geertz b. 18 May 1873 d. 26 Jun 1956 m. Ferdinand Johannes Wenzel m. 23 Mar 1896 in Adelaide, South Australia. b. 14 Jan 1869 d. 20 Jul 1927 Born Nord Husum, Denmark. Lived USA, arrived Australia poss. 1888. Lived South Australia. Visited Clinton, Iowa, USA,stayed one year. Back to Australia on “Niagara”. While in Sydney helped underprivileged girls. Lena suffered a heart attack while waiting to meet one of the girls to attend the theatre. Ferdinand: Born Hausen, Germany. Came to Australia with parents and siblings on “Caesaer Goddefroy” in 1877. Was an upholsterer, worked for a time in Clinton, Iowa. Was Naturalised South Australia 8/5/1891. Met wife Malena at German Club in SA. Fredrich killed when alighting from wrong side of tram. Fredrich & Malena both buried Field of Mars Cemetery North Sydney. 5 Irma E Wenzel b. 12 Feb 1897 d. 13 Apl 1984 m. Torres Kelly 5 Elfrieda Juliana Wenzel b. 3 Apl 1900 d. 15 Aug 1971 m. Arthur Kennedy m. 17 Apl 1926 b. 7 Oct 1894 d. 8 Oct 1978 Born Adelaide, SA. Lived at Punchbowl, NSW, moved to Vaucluse so daughter could learn to swim. Retired to home in Katoomba - “Culzean”. Arthur: Born Balmain, NSW. Chartered Accountant. 5 Violet Henrietta Wenzel b. 31 Aug 1905 d. 6 Jan 2000 Born Parkside, Adelaide. Attended Unley Primary and High Schools. In 1920 went on trip to USA with parents. Visited with relatives in Iowa, (Christiansen descendants). Never married. Lived in family home at Balmain, had 2 live-in ladies, when they both died, she sold the house and moved to a unit in a magic spot right on Sydney Harbour. Lived alone, suffered from chronic bronchitis, but otherwise very cheerful and had lots of memories of a happy life. 3 Jens Johannes Gertz 3 Catharina Margaretha Gertz 3 Maria Catherina Gertz
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