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Descendants of: John PETER     (son of James PETER 1775-1846 & Janet nee HALLEY (HALEY etc) 1776-1836     
1 John Peter b. 22 Dec 1799 Tulliallan, Perth, Scotland (Sailor). d. At Sea Ship "Hastings" Buried 29 Dec 1842 Colobah, Bombay
  m. Janet Boyd m. 28 Mar 1828 Anderston, Glasgow, Scotland  b.c1798 d. 19 Nov 1846 
  Buried Airth Church Yard, Stirlingshire, Scotland 
     [possibly daughter of John Boyd]
   2 James Peter b. 18 Oct 1830 Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallen, Perthshire, Scotland d. 24 Jul 1918
     3 Fred Street Lewisham NSW 
     m. Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew m. 08 Nov 1859 Scots Presbyterian Church Sydney  
     b. 01 Oct 1837 Mt Pleasant, Gosport, Southampton,England 
     d. 07 Nov 1882 Swanson St, Macdonaldtown, Dist. of Newtown, NSW 
        [daughter of John Bartholomew and Elizabeth Ketch] Lived Liverpool St Sydney 1859 (1869?) Arrived NSW approx. 1848 (from yrs in Colony on death cert.) 
        3 male & 1 female children deceased at time of his death.  
        Witnesses Herbt. Parker (Son/Law) & Edw.W Bromley
     Elizabeth: Arr. NSW aboard "Queen of England" with mother Elizabeth (father decd.), sister Augusta and brother Thomas. 
     Marriage witnesses, Thomas Henshaw, Sarah Guyatt. Minister John Dunmore Lang. Lived Castlereagh St Sydney 1859(1869?)
     Now have death cert. for Elizabeth PETER. 7/11/1882. aged 45 which makes it the correct age at death. 
     Husband James PETER.  Father is shown as James Bartley (prob. John Bartholomew...?) No record ever found of her
     mother re-marrying in NSW, Vic or Qld.
      3 Elizabeth Augusta Peters b. 05 Apl 1858 Liverpool St Sydney d. 19 May 1923 89 Rochford St Erskineville 
        m. William Edward McDonald m. 15 Jan 1876 281 Elizabeth St Sydney-Rites of Pres Ch  b. __ __  1856 Newtown Sydney ? (or Seaham NSW?) 
        d. 08 Apl 1894 Balmain Cottg.Hosp.Sydney 
           [son of Donald (Daniel) McDonald and Harriet Harbour]
        Mr ? (common law) 
           William: His wife had son & daughter after he died, (father not known) daughter & Mary Jane (Marion) were fostered out (as told 
           to Les Foubister by Mary Jane) Witnesses at wedding James Peters, Sarah Ann Easton.  Both under 21 - Fathers gave consent to marriage. 
           According to death cert. Emma, Annie, Marion (MJane) and Florence, still living, 4 other girls dec'd. William was a butcher, died
           Balmain Cottage Hosp. after falling from a cart. Magisterial Inquiry showed no more details.  His father was definitely Donald McDonald, 
           painter, lived Shepherd St. Sydney, but as mother is not known, possibly it could have been Elizabeth Clifton and he was then born in Seaham, NSW ? 
           It is known that she did not bring up the child and was married to an older man 8 months after giving birth to William. (we still do not know if 
           this is our William..!)
           Presbyterian Section 6D grave 2496. 10/4/1894
           Also in same site is Stella Annie McDonald. 3 months, 13/11/1906 DEATH - NSW BDM ONLINE INDEX APL 2005 - 13957/1906  
           MCDONALD  STELLA A  FLORENCE  PETERSHAM. It appears that Stella Annie was born to Florence McDonald - no birth index found (index only goes to 1905)
           From Sydney Morning Herald 9 April 1894 - An injured spine. On Saturday morning William McDonald, 39, residing at Alexander Street, Macdonaldtown, 
           was conveyed to the Balmain Cottage Hospital suffering from a severe injury to his spine.  He was driving a butcher's cart to the Glebe Island 
           abattoirs, when the horse shied and precipitated McDonald to the road. Sydney Morning Herald 10 April 1894 - A fatal result of a fall.  Mr W.F.Pinhey,
           Deputy City Coroner, held an enquiry yesterday at the Balmain Cottage Hospital touching the death of William McDonald, who fell out of a butcher's cart
           whilst driving in Western Street, Balmain, on Friday, and who died on Sunday afternoon.  Evidence having been given, Mr Pinhey entered a finding that 
           death was due to injuries accidentally received.
         4 Emma Elizabeth McDonald b. 05 Nov 1876 Wattle Street, Sydney d. __ __  1940 Diabetes related ? - Balmain 
           m. William George Stalder m. 29 Sep 1894 All Saints Church, Petersham NSW  b. 28 Dec 1867 Birmingham England 
           d. 9 Mar 1948 State Hospital & Home, Liverpool NSW 
              [son of Daniel John Stalder and Elizabeth Anne Locket]
              Birth regn. no. 3041/1876. Consent of Grandfather James PETER given as Emma's father William dec'd.
         4 Annie Louisa McDonald b. 21 Feb 1878 d. __ __   1962 
           m. Daniel John Stalder m. __ Jun 1898 Petersham NSW  b. 8 Jun 1878 Smethwick,Staffordshire (7 km from Bham) d. __ __   1944 
              [son of Daniel John Stalder and Elizabeth Anne Locket]
           According to Aunty Vera Daley - Stalder bros had taxis in those days. 
           Daniel: Daniel & Annie had a baby hospital in Campsie NSW in the 20's where they took in unmarried mothers.
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4 Jeannette Augusta McDonald b. __ __ 1880 Glebe, NSW d. __ __ 1880 Glebe, NSW Birth Reg. No. 4768/1880 Death reg. No. 3234/1880 4 Lilly C A McDonald b. __ __ 1882 Glebe, NSW d. __ __ 1883 Glebe, NSW 4 Marian (Mary) Jane McDonald b. 31 May 1884 off Bank St Sydney d. 14 May 1937 9 Northcote St Haberfield m. Samuel Frederick Christian Kirchner m. 26 Oct 1907 Whitefield Cong.Chch.Sydney b. 12 Apr 1866 Ashfield, Sydney, NSW d. 24 Oct 1926 West Subs.Hosp.Croydon,Sydney [son of Samuel Friedrich Christian Kirchner and Mary Mead] M J McDonald told Les Foubister years ago that she and a sister to her mothers 2nd marriage (?) were fostered out when her dad died. According to Doreen (Foubister) - name was Marion Janet and she had hard life in foster homes (farms near Dubbo) - even had to eat chook food. Was very thin. Witnesses at birth of Marion Jane - Mrs Parton,Mrs Lackey Grave 11154 Sect. 6D, also son Bruce Donald d. 17 Feb 1922 Samuel: His mother Mary (Mead) signed birth cert with her "mark" witness - Mrs Drake Same witness as on birth cert. of Maria Chatarina Buried in same plot as Esther Harriet (nee Vitler) No. 3729, sect. 6D 4 Dorothy McDonald m. Mr Stewart 4 Maud M McDonald b. __ __ 1886 Leichhardt, NSW d. __ __ 1886 4 Florence Bartho (Florrie) McDonald b. 23 Jun 1888 Paternoster St off Union St Pyrmont Witness at birth - Mrs Dudley. From Burials inf. Rookwood cemetery - it looks as if Florence may have had a daughter who died aged 3 months. NAME: Stella Annie McDonald - died 13/11/1906 - Ref. 13957/1906. No name of father on index. Buried same site as William Edward McDonald - Rookwood Presbyterian Section 6D grave 2496. 4 Agnes R McDonald b. __ __ 1890 Burwood, NSW d. __ __ 1891 Burwood,NSW 4 Mabel E McDonald b. __ __ 1892 Ashfield NSW m. James Henderson m. __ __ 1912 Burwood NSW 4 Thomas J McDonald b. __ __ 1895 4 Eileen McDonald b. 05 Mar 1899 Rosedale, Canterbury, NSW 3 James R Peter b. __ __ 1860 Sydney d. __ __ 1862 Sydney 798/1862 NSW BD&M indexes. 3 John Robert Peter b. 30 Dec 1862 Sydney d. __ __ 1908 Petersham, Sydney, NSW 15079/1908 - NSW BD&M indexes m. Kathleen Barrett __ __ 1902 Regd. Petersham b. __ __ 1875 d. __ __ 1958 Hamilton, NSW 4 Dorothy Elizabeth Ann Peter b. __ __ 1903 Petersham, NSW 4 John Robert Peter b. __ __ 1904 Petersham, NSW d. __ __ 1950 Mayfield, NSW 3 Margaret J Peter b. __ __ 1865 Sydney m. William Purdy m. __ __ 1889 Regd. Newtown, NSW 4 Olive B Purdy b. __ __ 1891 Newtown, NSW m. Leslie Schuck m. __ __ 1941 Sydney, NSW 4 Levi Purdy b. __ __ 1892 Regd. Waterloo, NSW d. __ __ 1893 Regd. Waterloo, NSW 3 William Alfred Peter b. 11 Dec 1867 Glebe NSW d. 24 Feb 1927 Wallsend Hospital, NSW m. Harriet Ann Tippett m. 25 Sep 1894 Petersham, NSW b. 17 Feb 1877 Currawang, NSW d. 07 Oct 1960 [daughter of Francis John Tippett and Grace Williams] There is a marriage entry for William G Peters to Elizabeth Macdonald Wallsend, 6639/1889... (Needs investigation) Harriet: Marr. cert. Application P36034/76 SW (from ancestry tree dixon/bull) (All of the TIPPETT inf. came from Norma Bull - BULL-DIXON family tree on ancestry and no certificates or authentication have been sighted.) 4 William James Peter b. 18 Oct 1894 d. 11 Apl 1957 Wallsend, NSW 4 Pearl A Peter b. 19 Nov 1899 d. 17 Jun 1959 4 Stanley Francis Peter b. 23 Dec 1902 d. 30 Nov 1961 4 Marjorie Alma Peter b. 30 Mar 1906 d. 29 Aug 1997 Nursing Home, Mayfield NSW 4 Elsie E Peter b. 30 Dec 1909 Petersham NSW d. 9 Aug 1997 4 Dulcie E Peter b. 11 Oct 1913 d. 11 Aug 1994 Toronto NSW 4 Gladys Evelyn Peter b. 05 Feb 1916 Mayfield NSW d. 26 Nov 1965 Blacktown NSW m. Kenneth Thomas Dixon m. 09 Dec 1933 Tighes Hill, Newcastle, NSW b. 02 Sep 1914 Adamstown, NSW d. 26 Feb 1974 Newcastle, NSW m. Henry Wallace Donald Strom m. 09 Jul 1948 Sydney, NSW Cert. copy of Birth held - downloaded from Norma Bull - BULL-DIXON family tree on ancestry. Kenneth: Marr. Cert. 445 Reg in NSW - not held. 4 Violet May Peter b. 17 Sep 1918 d. 01 Jan 1990 Mayfield NSW 3 Emma Louisa Peter b. 26 Jun 1871 Glebe NSW d. 19 Nov 1939 Manly, NSW m. Herbert Parker m. 04 Jul 1896 "Vailima", Perth, West Australia b. 03 Mar 1870 Middle Street Board School, Brighton, UK d. 27 Dec 1941, 130 Griffith St., Balgowlah, NSW Occupation: Commision Agent, Salesman, Travelling Salesman [son of James Parker and Harriet Jenner] 4. Lilian Beatrice Parker b. 22 Oct 1899 Queensland, Australia d. 07 Nov 1947 Manly, NSW 3 Henry Bartholomew Peter b. 29 Nov 1873 Broughton St, The Glebe, Sydney d. __ __ 1875 Glebe NSW 3025/1875 NSW BD&M indexes. 2 Margaret Peter b. 08 Sep 1832 Barony, Lanark, Scotland William Boyd & William Peter - witnesses at baptism
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