WOOD, Huntingdonshire, Northamptonshire, England & NSW, Australia

Descendants of: Robert WOOD 

1 Robert Wood b. __ __ 1747 d. 23 Jan 1784 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
  m. Mary Berry m. 22 May 1769 St John Baptist, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, UK  
  dob deduced from age at death..?
  Parish register:
  Baptism of Robert Woods 
  02 Apr 1745 at Stilton to Thomas Woods and Elizabeth
  Is this him...?
   2 Robert Wood b. _____ d. 01 Oct 1804 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
     m. Ann English m. 01 May 1793 St John the Baptist, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, UK  
          b. __ __ 1773 Peterborough area, Northamptonshire, UK 
          d. 22 Sep 1851 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
     Ann Wood (widow) married John Hewerdine (bachelor) 30 Jun 1808
     There are 2 entries for death/burial for Ann Hewerdine on findmypast - 
     Ann Hewerdine buried 30 Oct 1852 St Martin, Stamford-Baron, Northampton which is
     where she and John Hewerdine were married 1808. However there is another entry
     for Ann Hewerdine b. 1773 d. 1851 bur. 26 Sep 1851 age 78 St Mary, Stilton....
    (Which is correct..?)
     Death informant Sarah Wood, Stilton - probably daughter-in-law Sarah nee Ruff
     - transcription per N Harris Jan 2017	
      3 Robert Wood b. __ __ 1795 d. 16 Jul 1823 
        (note, this is a speculative child of Robert Wood as there is no entry for him
        in the Stilton register) per N Harris
      3 Charles Wood b. __ __ 1796 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         d. 04 Feb 1876 Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England 
        m. (1) (no marriage) Ann Salman b. __ __ 1794 
           [daughter of John Salman and Mary Unknown]
        m. (2) Ann Tibbut m. 19 Jan 1819 St John Baptist, Peterborough, Northampton, UK  
             b. __ __ 1797 Yaxley, Huntingdonshire, England 
             d. 27 Jul 1873 Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England 
           [daughter of Thomas Tibbett and Elizabeth Unknown]
        Old newspaper report in 'Cambridge Independent Press' 20th April 1844 which
        states that Charles WOOD was of the George Inn in Stilton. He was taking on a
        Lime Kiln that had previously been in the occupation of John Whitehead and was
        intending to carry on the business of Lime Burner.(per Huntingdonshire FHS)
        (Death date refers to Free BMD UK Jan/Feb/Mar quarter.)
        DOD from N Harris - 7 Feb 1876
        Record in Huntingdon Archives (Ref: HP83/15/2) for St Mary's, Stilton, dated 12th June 1818
        which gives details:
        'Charles WOOD, carpenter of Stilton, to maintain the bastard son (born Folksworth) 
         of Ann SALMAN a single woman.'
        Death date refers to Free BMD UK Jul/Aug/Sep quarter.
         [Children of Charles Wood and Ann Salman]
         4 John Salmons b. __ __ 1816 Folksworth, Huntingdonshure, UK 
          [Children of Charles Wood and Ann Tibbut]
         4 Mary Ann Wood b. __ __ 1820 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, England 
            d. 28 Aug 1885 Walwork Villa, Walker St., Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia 
           m. (1) Borrett aka Barrett Whitehead 
                m. 17 Dec 1843 Parish Church, Stilton, Huntingdon, UK 
                Regd. Peterborough  b. __ __ 1820 England d. __ __ 1854 
                Died at sea - En route to Australia - ship "Ocean Chief"
              [son of Richard Whitehead and Catherine Unknown]
           m. (2) William Henry Anderson m. 18 Jul 1862 Office of District Registrar, Paddington, 
                NSW, Australia, Australia
                b. 10 Jun 1811 Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England 
                d. 16 Aug 1873 Walker Street, Redfern, NSW, Australia, Australia
              [son of William Henry Anderson and Sarah Noble]
           TROVE - Deaths. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW, Australia : 1842 - 1954) Wed 2 Sep 1885
           Page 1 Family Notices
           ANDERSON.- August 28, at her residence, Walwork Villa, Walker-street, Redfern,
           Sydney, Mary Ann, the relict of the late Captain William Henry Anderson, of E. I. C. S., in 
           her 66th year. A peaceful end after a long and painful illness.
           Melbourne papers please copy.
           Transcription Rookwood Cemetery - Our Mother
           Baptism Certificate for Borrett aka Barrett 1820 in Whittlesea noted as John,
           Marriage Parish Record Borrett aka Barrett to Mary Ann Wood 1853 states name of his father to be 
           Richard - death entry Victoria, Australia states John....
           (Other researchers show it to be John)
           Borrett aka Barrett died at sea en route to Australia in 1854.  Infant son
           Borrett aka Barrett also died at sea - no details known.  No disasters on ship, good voyage
           per reports.
           According  to his father's WILL 1819 he and brother Alexander attended Miss
           Browell's Preparatory & Boarding School in Kentish Town, London following his
           3 men were appointed as Legal Guardians for the 2 boys, they were also executors
           of William Henry Snr's WILL.
           Article in Morning Post London 1853 could relate to him....  He mentions
           having lived at Craven St - this is the same street where one of his earlier
           Guardians Arthur Geddes lived - coincidence..?  He also mentioned various
           things - having been up at Scotland, on a clipper, with the East India
           Shipping Company, being in the shipwreck of the "Minerva".....  All worthwhile
           clues.  He was in Australia by 1857 when he fathered Emily Augusta with Mary
           Ann Whitehead.
           Various sources including TROVE article re death of his wife  Mary Ann, state
           - Captain William Henry Anderson E.I.C.S., believed  to stand for East
           India Company Service
           Trove article re death states - of Udale, Cromarty, Scotland (he wasn't born there, but of 
            [Children of Mary Ann Wood and Borrett aka Barrett Whitehead]
            5 Charles Wood Whitehead b. 28 Jul 1845 Wellingborough, Finedon, Huntingdon, UK 
               d. 11 Jan 1917 A Private Hospital, Ashfield, NSW, Australia 
              NSW, Australia BD&M 1223/1917 - Whitehead, Charles W (father) Borrett (mother) Mary A
              Ashfield, NSW, Australia
              No WILL located on FMP
              TROVE "In Sad Remembrance of our dear friend Charles Wood Whitehead who
              departed this life January 11, 1917." Inserted by his sincere friends Mrs. S.
              Mennie & family.
            5 Harriet Ann Whitehead b. 13 Sep 1847 Wellingborough, Finedon, Northamptonshire, UK
               d. 09 Apl 1869 Drowned Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia, Australia 
              m. George Denton m. __ __ 1869 Regd. Paddington, NSW, Australia, Australia  
              Many articles on TROVE re the tragic death of Harriet due to her having secretly married 
              an English soldier who deserted to stay with her in Australia. He was caught & locked up
              in Victoria Barracks awaiting his return to England with the 50th Regiment.  Harriet
              committed suicide by walking into the surf at Bondi where she drowned.
              Deserted from his Regiment to remain with new wife when he was to return to
              England.  Locked up Victoria Barracks. To return to UK upon release.
            5 Elizabeth Whitehead b. 27 Jul1850 Wellingborough, Finedon, Huntingdon, UK 
                d. 09 Nov 1865 Concord, NSW, Australia, Australia 
                NSW, Australia BD&M 2080/1865 Whitehead Elizabeth (father) Barnett (mother) Mary A
                Concord, NSW, Australia, Australia  (father was Barrett aka Borrett)
                Elizabeth was possibly working in the home of the Eccles family at time of tragedy..?
            5 Borrett aka Barrett Whitehead b. __ __ 1852 Wellingborough, Finedon, Huntingdon, UK 
               d. __ __ 1854 On board "Ocean Chief" Died at sea - En route to Australia 
              [Children of Mary Ann Wood and William Henry Anderson]
            5 Emily Augusta Wood Anderson b. __ __ 1857 Regd. Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia 
               d. 02 Jan 1928 100 Liverpool Rd., Municipality of Ashfield, NSW, Australia,  
              m. (1) William Anderson m. 12 Sep 1873 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia  
                   b. 10 Aug 1851 St Peter's Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands 
                   d. 09 Apl 1930 9 Arthur Street, Manly, NSW, Australia
                 [son of Alexander Anderson and Mary Ann Taylor]
              m. (2) (no marriage) Crawford Allen b. __ __ 1850 
              m. (3 Charles Durham Scates m. __ __ 1898 Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia  
                    b. __ __ 1861 Ballarat, Vic., Australia 
                    d. 20 Jan 1948 27 Grove Street, Dulwich Hill, NSW, Australia 
                 [son of Charles Scates and Mary Ann Langley]
              Emily - Birth Regd. under both surnames of Whitehead and Wood - no father mentioned.
              Birthplace/age/parent details were obtained from church register No. 401 on 22
              May 1915 (from transcription)
              Trans. of Marriage to William Anderson states Minister at marriage - James Fullerton, L.L.D. 
              (check his details)              
              1915 Elect. Roll also states - Arena bros. Oyster Saloon.....
              Contents of The Grange, Holden St were auctioned in 1913.  Trove clipping
              following auction - For Sale cow, calf, sulky.
              Trove - Died suddenly, dearly beloved mother of Mrs A L Lindsay, West Maitland
              - Mrs A M Westhoven, Rose Bay - C E L (Pid) Anderson, Roseville
              No children deceased on her death certificate (from transcription) E H Grugeon
              - witness on death transcription.
              No issue from 2nd marriage - death transcription.  Informant on Death cert. -
              son, C E L Anderson, Kensal Green, Strickland Ave., Roseville, NSW, Australia (from
              It is possible that Emily Augusta Wood ANDERSON, while remaining married to William Anderson
              had all or some of her children with Crawford Allen.  She also married Charles Durham Scates
              while still married to William Anderson.
              The relationship with Crawford Allen was not a Marriage, the relationship with C D Scates was a marriage, 
              but surely it was bigamous as her actual husband William Anderson was still living...                           
              William and Emily were cousins - perhaps they agreed to not have children, and to go their separate ways 
              without actually being legally divorced...?
              It is LEGAL in Australia for first cousins to marry...!
              It appears that during the time William was married to Emily, he had a relationship with Augusta Conacher.  
              His wife Emily (Scates) died 02 Jan 1928, his WILL was signed 02 Oct 1929 in favour of his partner Augusta
              and he was married to her that same year, (no certificate applied for) not long before his own death on             
              09 Apl 1930. 
              His Marriage to Emily was performed by Rev James Fullerton who was known for not asking questions - 
              marriages often included people who were possibly under age,bigamous relationships or elopements.              
              William's parents from his Birth entry on ancestry - also from his death transcription NSW, Australia
              Not sure if 1913 Electoral Roll relates to this family - looks possible/probable..?
              Entries for Arthur Street are documented.
              It is believed that Crawford ALLEN (known as ANDERSON) may have fathered all        
              of Emily's children - with Emily keeping their surname as that of her husband
              William Anderson.
              Maybe one day this will be proved incorrect...
              Father of CEL Anderson shown on his Marriage Cert. in 1912 to be Crawford
              ALLEN, known as ANDERSON
              Electoral roll shows The Camp, Woy Woy Bay, NSW, Australia - retired also for  1936 & 1937.
            5 Isabella Anderson b. __ __ ?? d. __ __ ?? 
              Possible 2nd daughter as shown on WH Anderson's death certificate.  geni
              websites (n faith in  this information) name daughter as Isabella Anderson.
         4 Harriet Wood b. __ __ 1821 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Elizabeth Wood b. __ __ 1823 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, England 
           m. Thomas Freear m. 06 May 1845 Parish Church, Finedon, Northamptonshire, UK  
              [son of Thomas Freear and Mrs Thomas Freear]
            5 Charles Freear b. __ __ 1847 March, Cambridgeshire, UK 
            5 Ann Freear b. __ __ 1849 March, Cambridgeshire, UK 
            5 Emma Freear b. __ __ 1851 March, Cambridgeshire, UK 
         4 Thomas Wood b. __ __ 1828 Stilton, Huntingdonshure, England 
           m. Sarah Ann Cave m. __ __ 1853 Peterborough, Northamptonshire, UK  
                d. __ __ 1903 Peterborough, Northamptonshire, UK 
           Possible Deaths 
           Mar 1911
           Wood	 Sarah A	 80	 Peterbro	 3b	135 Free BMD
           Mar 1903 Kettering Northants WOOD (tree on ancestry)
            5 Thomas Charles Wood b. __ __ 1854 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
            5 Henry Wood b. __ __ 1855 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
            5 Mary Harriett Wood b. __ __ 1858 Denton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
            5 Edward Wood b. __ __ 1861 Denton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
            5 Sarah Ann Wood b. __ __ 1863 Denton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
            5 Robert William Wood b. __ __ 1867 Denton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Jane Wood b. __ __ 1834 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
      3 Mary Berry Wood b. _____ d. __ __ 1801 Stilton, Huntingdon,UK 
      3 Henry Wood b. _____ d. 28 Aug 1801 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
      3 Henry Wood b. __ __ 1802 d. 24 Jun 1860 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
        m. Sarah Ruff m. 30 Nov 1824 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK  
            d. 11 Oct 1857 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
           [daughter of Henry Ruff and Lucy Pary]
        17 Oct 1857
        Burial of Sarah Ruff
        Inscription on tombstone in St Marys Church, Stilton:
        Sacred to the memory of Sarah Wood who died Oct 11 1857 aged 52 years (N Harris
        had previously mentioned dod as 14 Oct 1857)
         4 Henry Wood b. __ __ 1822 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
           Born out of wedlock - illegitimate - per N Harris
         4 Henry Wood b. __ __ 1826 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 George Wood 
         4 Mary Berry Wood b. __ __ 1828 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Charles Wood b. __ __ 1830 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Edward Wood b. __ __ 1832 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 James Wood b. __ __ 1835 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Matthew Wood b. __ __ 1837 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK d. __ __ 1871 
           m. Catharine Cox m. 12 Sep 1860 Barnack Parish Church, Northamptonshire, UK  
                b. __ __ 1837 d. __ __ 1933 
              [daughter of William Cox and Catherine Unknown]
            5 Henry Wood b. __ __ 1861 
            5 Matthew Wood b. 22 May 1863 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
               d. 17 Apl 1928 Jewish Hospital, Cheetham, UK 
              m. Selina Ogden m. 19 Dec 1889 The Registry Office, Derby,UK  
                   b. 19 Jul 1863 Fountain St., Crumpsall, Manchester, UK 
                   d. 02 Feb 1942 3 Pingate Lane, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle 
                 [daughter of Joseph Ogden and Sarah Thompson]
              Informant on Death Transcription J T Wood (son) 24 Woodfield Rd 
              per N Harris Jan 2017
              Widow on 2nd Marriage transcription per N Harris Jan 2017
              Informant death details J T Wood (son) 3 Pingate Lane
            5 Arthur Wood b. __ __ 1870 
            5 Robert Wood b. __ __ 1871 
         4 Charlotte Wood b. __ __ 1839 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Lucy Wood b. __ __ 1841 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Sarah Ann Wood b. __ __ 1842 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Robert Wood b. __ __ 1845 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Rachel Wood b. __ __ 1846 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK 
         4 Robert Wood b. __ __ 1849 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, UK

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